Stars & Storms
A High School Rockstar
Season 1
Episode No. 3
Directed By Aaron Moon
Written By Aaron Moon
Original Air Date March 31, 2012
Guest Actors
Andy Milder as Lester Dawson
Episode Chronology
"Dates & Dares"
"Nightmares & Nightclubs"

Stars & Storms is the third episode in Season 1 of A High School Rockstar. It aired on March 31, 2012. It introduced two more main characters.


Austin surprises Ally, Trish & Dez by introducing his brother to them, a young worldwide famous rockstar in San Francisco, Aaron together with his girlfriend Lexi. Ally was surprised being that she knows him from childhood. While getting to know them, a storm hits miami, which causes them to be stuck in the store.

Summary Edit

Austin, Ally, Trish, & Dez had an early dismissal form school because of the incoming storm. Once at the Sonic Boom, The group awaits as Austin's guests comes. Aaron Moon and Lexi Reed arrives. Ally remembers Aaron as they were in the same class in kindergarten. Austin reveals that Aaron is his brother.

Ally had that thought way before because of the same last name, but she ignored her thought since they were just almost the same age. Aaron then reveals that he is adopted. He introduces his girlfriend, Lexi, from San Francisco.

They get to know each other in the store. The storm hits Miami and causes a tree outside the store to fall and block the doors. They get stuck in the store. Trish says that the storm would not stop after three days. Ally remembers about the fire escape that the store have. They use it to get out and Ally's dad picks them up. Lester meets Aaron and Lexi.


Guest StarsEdit

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