If you are interested in creating a series for Fanfic Channel, you can follow the process here. The process is not guaranteed to be fast as there are many stages to be able to approve an idea. Anyone with a great idea can follow the process of creating a series. This process only applies to original series. If you wish to create a film, follow the steps on Film Production Process.


The first step to creating a series is to pitch an idea. To do this, head to the Pitching Board and create a new forum with the following specifications:

  1. Write the Working Title of your series in the title area. Working Title is the title of your film that is not the final title and can be changed throughout the course of the Production Process.
  2. In one paragraph, write the premise or plot of your series.
  3. In another paragraph, introduce the main characters (Name and a sentence or two to describe them and their role).

Users in the Wiki will then reply to the thread to suggest ideas, ask questions about the film, and say their opinion about the it. The management team of Fanfic Channel will then take a vote as to whether the film will be a potential success and if production should start. If the team votes YES, a press release will be made regarding start of production. The creator will also receive a message on their Message Wall. If the board votes NO, the series will not be considered. In the event that a series is turned down, the creator cannot re-submit the idea a second time. However, they can submit the idea to a different channel, without any complications.


The creator then needs to form a production team. Creators can make up any names for the following positions and do not need to be a real person.

To complete a production team, it has to consist of:

  • Director(s) (Any number)
  • Writer(s) (Any Number)
  • Producer (max. 2)
  • Casting Director (max. 1)
  • Editor(s) (max. 3)
  • Production Designer (Any number)
  • Director of Photography (max. 1)

The creator can be also be any of the position above. If the show requires music, the creator can open a position for Songwriter.


Creators then need to find the actors that will play the characters in their series. An actor/actress cannot be in the series if he or she already has a current series going on. Creators will need to leave a message to Aaron Moon on the list of actors to be approved.


The creator is able to create their own production companies to produce their series, but if not, Fanfic Channel will assign one to the series. After this, Fanfic Channel will contact the creators for further information.