Saving Christmas Night
Genre Fantasy
Created By Aaron Moon
Directed By Jimmy Tesler
Produced By Aaron Moon
Written By Aaron Moon
Jenny Breskin
Starring Tyler Posey
Ian Nelson
Bradley Steven Perry
Mia Talerico
Joseph Marco
Katherine McNamara
Shay Mitchell
Production Company FCOM Productions
Budget $12 Million
Country of Origin United States
Language English
Original Channel Fanfic Channel
Release Date December 25, 2014
Running Time 95 minutes

Saving Christmas Night is a Fanfic Channel Original Movie, scheduled to premiere on December 25, 2014. The movie started its production late July 2014 and concluded on September 2014. It filmed in Vancouver, BC.

Premise Edit

James Porter is just an average guy, who does not believe in the magic of Christmas. He has no time for the holidays and is bitter on those who do, especially his family. On the eve of Christmas, while babysitting his three siblings, an object mysteriously crashes onto their backyard. Will James' perspective on Christmas change?

Cast and Characters Edit

Production Edit

Filming Edit

Saving Christmas Night started filming in Vancouver, BC on July 2014. Burnaby Mountain Secondary School was a stand in for Rivers High School, the school that the characters attend at.

Casting Edit

Tyler Posey landed the role in March 2014. He was meant to portray Hunter Summers, but the role of James Porter was dropped by Ross Lynch, who at the time was busy production with Wonder Studios. Joseph Marco was then cast in the role of Hunter Summers.

Reception Edit

Ratings Edit

The United States premiere of the film received a total of 11.8 million viewers during its first airing, making it the top rated Fanfic Channel Original Movie. The movie delivered 2.6 million viewers in Canada, 2.1 million viewers in the United Kingdom, 1.8 million viewers in Australia, and 1.6 million viewers in Japan.

During its December 25 release, the film received 6.7 million viewers in South America, 1.2 million in Italy, 879,000 in France, 1.4 million in Malaysia, 4.8 million in the Philippines, 129,000 in Singapore, 3.4 million in China and 3.3 million in Russia.

Broadcast Edit

The film premiered in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Japan on December 25, 2014. It premiered on December 25, 2014 in South America, Italy, France, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China and Russia.

DVD Release Edit

The film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 28, 2015 in the US and Canada, March 3, 2015 in Asia and March 5, 2015 in Europe, South America and Africa.