A High School Rockstar is an American sitcom that first aired on Fanfic Channel on March 24, 2012. The series was created by Aaron Moon. The series follows the lives of high school students as they navigate through their life while pursuing their dream. Here are the list of guest character that have appeared in A High School Rockstar. The characters are arranged by season and is in the first season they appeared in.

Season 1 Edit

Character Actor No. of Appearance Season Appearance
Mr. Stein Don Creech 2 Season 1

Mr. Stein is a strict and weird teacher. He is easily bribed with food by students to get good grades. He doesn't care what he eats which often makes him sick. He is Austin, Ally, Trish, Dez, Lexi and Aaron's science teacher.

Uri Backer Keith David 2 Season 1, 2

Uri Backer is the president of the spy agency that first mistakenly recruited Team Austin & Ally to a mission in Dubai. He is the head of the organization that takes down evil forces in the world. Uri also knew Aaron's real parents, as they work for him.

Arnold Anderson Tom Hiddleston 1 Season 1

Arnold Anderson is a thief whom Austin, Ally, Trish, Lexi, Dez and Aaron encountered during their spy mission in Dubai in the episode Spies & Missions. He tried stealing all the unique instruments to prevent production of the instruments until it is all extinct.

Mrs. Stonehead Brooke Dillman 3 Season 1, 2

Mrs. Stonehead is the school's Drama teacher, who hosts musicals and plays. She has a son that goes to the same school. She tries to force his son to be in a band.

Season 3Edit

Character Actor No. of Appearance Season Appearance
Connor Frank Logan Grove 5 Season 2, 3

Connor Frank is an 14-year old kid who lives in Miami. He is portrayed by Logan Grove. Logan is a big fan of Austin. He can sometimes be a mischievous kid, often walking far from his dad. He can sometimes have a big mouth, saying things that he should keep to himself. He also loves having grand entrances, especially when entering Sonic Boom. He usually enters with a small vehicle like a scooter with all sorts of surprises.

He often passes his responsibility to his dad, since he is just a kid. He is offered by Ally to be a music student, which shows that he might have some musical talent. He is determined to be a close friend with his idol, Austin. Connor is also seen as the young child, but he always insists that he can be responsible and can handle himself perfectly. He tries to attract girls that is a two or three years older than him.

He is very confident, and is very similar to Zac. He always reminds everyone around him that he is older than he looks. He tries to be cool especially around the ladies. He seems to have a musical talent, as seen in "Puzzles & Planes" when he sings a part of "Don't Look Down" after Austin and Ally performs it. He is said to be the next possible Austin Moon.

Steven Iceberg John DeLuca 1 3

Steven Iceberg is movie director. He is portrayed by John DeLuca. Steven Iceberg is a famous director who directed movies like the Zaliens Series. He is very proud of his accomplishments and sometimes goes over the top by mentioning movies that he did not direct like the Titanic. He tells people that he was named after the iceberg that sank Titanic. Steven has a very wild imagination especially when it comes to directing his movies.

He does not think of the consequences of his actions, as long as it looks good in his movie. He mentions that he likes reading people’s biography. He has the characteristic of a good leader and handles situations really well.

Mrs. Walker Dana Wheeler-Nicholson 1 3

Mrs. Walker is a teacher in Chemistry at Miami Senior High. She takes her class seriously and is very organized. She doesn't want other students to sit anywhere and has a sitting plan for every class. She has a sense of humour, especially when giving back students their tests. She is very strict to her students.

She is curious sometimes, as she is the few first people to wonder what Dez's last name was. Mrs. Walker is not very hard on her students, and often explains to Dez that the things he does can be out of this world weird, like how walking an invisible pet is not an important errand.

Adrian Clarence Joey Pollari 1 3

Adrian Clarence is the president of Miami Senior High School who was voted out by the student body. He is the previous school president of Miami Senior High. He participates a lot in school, as seen in his position in the school government. He is a good student, finishing and handing in his school work on time. At first, Adrian shows himself to be very polite and gentle. He messes up his words when he is asking out a girl, unless he is just acting.

In the middle of the episode, Adrian shows his true self. He is bossy, pushing around his friend, Glenn, to do his errands for him. He complains that he does everything himself, when in fact he orders people around to do it for him. He also have not had a girlfriend, which made him do the bet Dylan said. He takes things seriously, as he took Dylan's bet serious even though it was meant to be a joke. He also likes when he gets publicity from people, including when Ally called him to the stage.

Glenn Cayden Boyd 1 3

Glenn is one of Adrian's closest and loyal friends. He is like the little Adrian who does everything for Adrian. Although good friends, Glenn often gets scolding from Adrian even if he didn't do anything. He is a student in Miami Senior High.

Mr. Conley Michael McCafferty 1 3

Mr. Conley is a teacher in Miami Senior High. He is used to all the monkey business that students do in school, so he is not surprised by what he sees, like a jaguar in school. He always seems serious, which is why students always take what he says seriously. He is like any other teacher in school. He expects students to be at their best behaviour in class and to always do their work in time.

He favourites Adrian Clarence in his class as he always hands in his work in time. He also voted for him. He assigns readings in his class and rarely teaches. He also has a pet bunny, Mr. Fluffles, which he brings to school with him.

Jennifer Golden Zibby Allen 1 3

Jennifer Golden is a Bank of Miami Employee who tells the Dawson Family that the bank is taking over Sonic Boom. She is a very hardworking and straight-forward woman. She is very devoted to her job. She doesn't have difficulty in telling people bad news, as she did to Lester. She is very formal, and wears formal clothing as part of her job. She works for the Bank of Miami. Jennifer seemed to not like kids as she complained about teenagers being in the store. She gets annoyed easily when people meddle with her business, even though she often goes too far in telling her stories.

She chose her freedom from kids over her love, Joshua. Jennifer is very professional and brief when taking care of business. She explained to the Dawson family that the bank owns Sonic Boom, which is how she knows the sales records of the store. She mentions at the end of the episode that kids always ruins her days, which maybe the reason why she doesn't like kids or teenagers that much.

Sean Hunter Ansel Elgort 2 3

Sean Hunter is a 18-year old student and part-time actor. He was cast as Ally's love interest in a music video. He is a very clumsy, unorganized yet charming student from Miami Senior High and also a part-time actor. He seems to get distracted, which causes him to be clumsy, bumping into tables and other objects. He also doesn't know how to align dates in his resume properly and makes silly mistakes, like when he typed his birth year to be 1956 instead of 1996. Nonetheless, he is very polite and apologizes for the mistakes and his clumsiness. Ally also indirectly described his lips to be kissable, saying that he would kiss him.

Although not to good with resumes and is clumsy, Sean seems to be smooth when it comes to girls. He is a gentleman and shows his appreciation to people like Ally. He also came straight forward by asking Ally out. He seems to have a crush on Ally. Even though he was able to ask Ally out, he still forgot to tell her the date or time.

Jonah Helm Ryan McPartlin 1 3

Jonah Helm is the father to Zac and Heath, and works as a camera operator. He is the typical loving, strict parent that works for the better of his family. Even though he is a father of two, Jonah doesn't seem to be very used to having a baby. He says that babies might do something "not baby like" when left in the house alone. He also doesn't seem to think that his son is smart but still encourages them to do their best. Jonah is a professional cameraman and works in the same industry with his wife, Melissa.

Melissa Helm Emily Deschanel 1 3

Melissa Helm is the mother to Zac and Heath, and works as a make-up artist. She is the all around mother who takes care of her children and also works to help support the family. She is very hardworking and works as a professional make-up artist. She works in the same industry with her husband, Jonah. Melissa trusts her son well, giving Zac the responsibility of taking care of his younger brother. Melissa also encourages Zac a lot when it comes to studies, telling him to hang out with Ally so that he could have great or better ideas. She also thinks that Zac's does not makes sense most of the time. She is very skilled with make-up and seems to have had an adequate education. Melissa also have a sense of humor, taking the babies away from the waiting room to avoid learning the word "Hitler".

Heath Helm Logan Moreau 1 3

Heath Helm is Zac's younger brother. He is a cute and charming 2-year old baby. Although he looks behave, Heath does not make Zac's job of being an older brother easy. He seems to escape from watch whenever he has the chance and often climbs into high grounds, like when he went up the catwalk of the studio his parents were working at. Heath is just like any other baby brother.

Chloe Hays Marie Avgeropoulos 1 3

Chloe Hays is one of the beauties of Miami Senior High, like Lexi. She brags about her beauty and uses events like the school pageant to showcase it to everyone. She does everything to win, even if she has to step on other people. She cheated and replaced Lexi's speech card in order to win, which means that she must feel threatened with her. She is one of Lexi's enemy in the school.

She acts like a diva and gives very good comebacks. She also seems to be rich and spoiled. She seems to be a good liar and actress as she pretends to not know anything about cheating, although she was caught red handed when her dress tore and Lexi's original speech fell of it. It is unknown if Chloe was suspended for her acts.

Tony Maller Chad Lindberg 1 3

Tony Maller is an arrogant, bossy and greedy animal hunter. He hunts non-human creatures that moves and looks expensive as a living. He does not pass up an opportunity to hunt something that may cost huge. He always bosses around his business partner, Bruce Jackson, and sometimes insults him. He is also very oblivious and gullible as he thought that Dez was actually a talking peacock.

Bruce Jackson Russell Durham Comegys 1 3

Bruce Jackson is a hunter and is the business partner of Tony Maller. He is not as smart as others and often think about food. He also does not finish his sentences and Tony finishes it for him. He is not certain of some of the terms being a hunter like the term tranquilizer. He has a lot of questions. Unlike Tony, Bruce is not selfish and greedy. He questions why their motto sound selfish and requested to change it. Although he's always bossed around by Tony, he can stand up to himself.

David Fitt Chris Powell 1 3

David Fitt is one of the most famous trainers in the industry. Not only is he a trainer, he is also the host of the TV Show, Lose That Fat, that helps contestant lose weight in order to win (Parody of Biggest Loser). David is very serious and focused in what he does and does not want any distraction, especially to those he trains. He is a very intense trainer and usually has very severe punishments like push-ups and running. He is very fit and healthy and likes the outdoors.

David uses fear in encouraging trainees to do their best and push them to the limits. He also seems to shout a lot, especially when giving orders. Although he looks tough and scary, David cares about his "students". He states that the reason he shouts a lot is to push them to be focused and to motivate and encourage them. He also has daughters, and he jokes that he does not shout at them when he talks. He is very keen in helping people stay fit and healthy that he has surveillance in the cafeteria of Vinyl Records' office.

Benedict Beckham Garrett Clayton 1 3

Benedict Beckham is one of Vinyl Record's promising talents. He is a very cool and calm guy. He doesn't seem to be that smart and is very care-free. He is somewhat self-centered, stating that he knows that Trish likes him. He is very proud of himself. Aside from his charming looks, he is also kind of a gentle guy. He also thinks that Ally is cute, saying that the girl he shared a studio with was cute.

He also seems to not see the difference between faces since he didn't recognize Ally after the intense exercise. He is very fit, considering he didn't get tired doing the intense routines. He is also very popular among girls, especially Trish.

Kate Kalinski Lea Michele 1 3

Kate Kalinski is one of the top artist of Vinyl Records and is one of the best singer. She is very famous and also starred in film, Really Mean Gals, where her notable scene was when a girl was pulling her hair. Kate is very tough on the inside and yet does not know how to use it.

She is frightened by the instructor, David, stating that she doesn't want to run until all is left is her skin and bones. She is very humble and does not boast about all her achievements. She is very understanding, and thoughtful. She understood why David was acting that way. She is very mature as an artist.|}