Grayson Dolan makes videos with his twin brother, Ethan Dolan. They both have had girlfriends, graysons girlfriend is Clarę and Ethan's is Gemma.

they are very goofy. Grayson and Ethan have a sister, Cameron Dolan. Their mom's name is Lisa and their dad's name is Sean. Grayson and Ethan are currently on tour called 4ou tour! Grayson's favorite food is pizza. Grayson's favorite color is green.Grayson's full name is grayso Bailey Dolan.Grayson's favorite number is 47.Grayson was born in New Jersey. Grayson's birthday is December 16. Grayson Dolan is currently married to Ethan Dolan, and they have two children, Edwin and Jimson.

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