Felicia Hendricks
Full Name Felicia Hendricks
Birthdate June 17, 1994
Resides in Turendale
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Species Unknown
Romance(s) Dylan Hewitt (Boyfriend)
Featured Series The Supernaturals
Season(s) 1
First Seen "Cabin in the Woods"
Portrayed By Melissa Benoist

Felicia Hendricks is a college student from North Turendale University. She is one of the well-known and popular student in the campus, and is a sophomore.

Characteristics Edit

Felicia is a smart and gentle girl, who grew up in Turendale. Coming from a middle class family, she had everything she needed including education. She is very focused in what she does and is a very kind hearted person. She is in a relationship with the jock, Dylan Hewitt, which is what differs her from the good girls. Although dating a bad boy, she does not let him influence her in any way and tries to encourage Dylan to be well behaved. Her relationship with Dylan seems to be an obligation to her as it is evident that she has feelings for Tyson.

She can hide her feelings very well, managing to control her fear when in a hard situation. She has average knowledge about the supernaturals and have only known that they exist when she saw one of the werewolves transform when she was taken in the cabin. She has a very strong emotional connection to all her friends and loved ones. It was revealed by Rex that Felicia was not human, but was a supernatural being as she felt headaches and saw blurred visions, causing her to be admitted to the hospital.

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