The following is a list of episodes of Fanfic Channel series, The Supernaturals. Created by Aaron Moon, the series follows the lives of Tyson and his friends, who finds out of the existence of the Supernatural in their small town. The series stars Gregg Sulkin as Tyson Stanton, Melissa Benoist as Felicia Hendricks, Nolan Gerard Funk as Dylan Hewitt, Holland Roden as Valentine Forbes, Taron Egerton as Joel Winters and Steven R. McQueen as Mason Millet.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 18 January 5, 2015 2015

Season 1: January 2015 - PresentEdit

  • This season consists of 18 episodes.
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
1 1 "Cabin in the Woods" Aaron Moon Aaron Moon January 5, 2015 8.94

College sophomore Tyson Stanton and his best friend, Joel Winters, gets stranded on an unfinished highway just on the outskirts of the town of Turendale, where they are captured by an un-human creature.

Notes: This episode is the series premiere episode.

2 2 "Werewolf" Aaron Moon Aaron Moon January 12, 2015 8.90

Tyson and Joel finds themselves with more company when Felicia and Valentine is locked up with them. They must work together to find a way out before they end up dead.

3 3 "Metamorphosis" Sheila Michaels Keenan Lemuel & Aaron Moon January 19, 2015 9.12
After being bitten, Tyson starts to feel some changes, causing him to be out of control when Dylan confronts him about Felicia. Joel and Valentine finds out that a pack is after Mason and Tyson and they try to look for them to warn them. 
4 4 "Full Moon" Preston Easley Aaron Moon & Lisa Jimenez January 26, 2015 9.15
During the full moon, Tyson must find a way to make sure that he does not get loose and attack an innocent person. Felicia is taken by the pack of wolves hunting Tyson and Mason, leaving Joel, Dylan and Valentine to save her.
5 5 "A New Pack" Preston Easley Aaron Moon & Benjamin DeNaire February 2, 2015 9.13
Mason recruits new werewolves to form a pack, despite Tyson’s disapproval. An animal attack occurs during the football game, causing panic and chaos.  
6 6 "Dead or Alive" Eric Silano Joseph Lin & Keenan Lemuel February 9, 2015 9.14
A group of hunters wonder into town, tracking a pack of wolves that left dead bodies across the state. Tyson must protect his pack from the hunters, without engaging into a fight that could cost innocent lives. 
7 7 "Live for Power" Aaron Moon Aaron Moon February 16, 2015 9.18
Develro’s pack offers Dylan a place in his pack to be more powerful than Tyson. Tyson and the others must then stop Dylan when they capture one of Develro’s wolves and find out that it is a trap. 
8 8 "A History Lesson" Dalia Perkins Aaron Moon & Lisa Jimenez February 23, 2015 9.15
Mason teaches Tyson an old trick to have full control during the full moon. Felicia starts getting headaches followed by blurred visions, causing her to be admitted to the hospital. 
9 9 "The Source" Sheila Michaels Aaron Moon & Joseph Lin March 2, 2015 9.21
Mason and the pack prepares to fight Develro but is cut short when Tyson becomes ill. Valentine and Joel must find the source of the virus and find a cure, before it kills Tyson.  
10 10 "Campus Bonfire" TBA TBA March 9, 2015
When 3 students are found dead, Tyson and the gang try to catch the wolf behind the killing. They must figure out who the next target is during the bonfire to catch the wolf before more innocent lives become at risk. 
11 11 "Sneak Peek" TBA TBA March 30, 2015
Tyson and Mason gets a clear view of the risk they are in when Develro’s pack attacks them in their homes. Meanwhile, Felicia, Joel and Valentine tracks a supposed mermaid down the lake that’s causing multiple deaths.