The following is a list of The Amy Poehler Show episodes.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 150 January 12, 2015 2015

Season 1: January 2015 - PresentEdit

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Air Date Guests US Viewers (millions)
1 1 January 12, 2015 Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Tyler Posey, Dove Cameron, Meghan Trainor, Chris Evans, Nick Jonas, Emma Watson 4.22

Ross Lynch & Laura Marano talk about the return of A High School Rockstar; Tyler Posey on the nomination as Best Actor; Dove Cameron in her new film; Meghan Trainor performs "All About That Bass"; Chris Evans in People's Choice Awards; Nick Jonas performs "Jealous"; Emma Watson on future films.

2 2 January 13, 2015 Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Ryan Guzman, Ariana Grande. 4.19

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo on the premiere of their new show; Ryan Guzman on J-Lo; Ariana Grande performs "Breakfree".

3 3 January 14, 2015 Tina Fey, Dianna Agron, Bruno Mars 4.23

Tina Fey reenacts the Golden Globes monologue with Amy; Dianna Agron on Fanfic Awards nomination; Bruno Mars performs "Uptown Funk"; Amy pranks her writers.

4 4 January 15, 2015 Kellan Lutz, Lupita Nyong'o, Ed Sheeran 4.35

Kellan Lutz on his upcoming film, The Guardian; Lupita Nyong'o talks about her involvement with Wonder Studios and gets pranked by Amy; Amy's audience plays "Under the Seat"; Ed Sheeran performs "Thinking Out Loud"; New segment called "Don't Mess with my Spoof";

5 5 January 16, 2015 Jack Griffo, Shawn Mendes, Melissa McCarthy 4.33

Jack Griffo talks about Runaway Princess and finds an unexpected surprise in his dressing room from Amy; Shawn Mendez performs "Something Big" and talks about his upcoming guest starring role in a Fanfic Channel series; Amy introduces a new segment called "Dear Starbucks"; Melissa McCarthy tries to prank Amy.

6 6 January 19, 2015 Vanessa Marano, Brenton Thwaites, Taylor Swift 4.43

Vanessa Marano talks about her upcoming film, Magical Disaster; Brenton Thwaites gets pranked by Amy; Taylor Swift performs "Blank Space"; Amy's guests play "What's in the Box?".

7 7 January 20, 2015 Katy Perry, Melissa Benoist, David Beckham 4.56

Katy Perry performs "This is How We Do"; Melissa Benoist gets pranked and talks about The Supernaturals; David Beckham on H&M; Amy introduces a new segment called, "News Blues".

8 8 January 21, 2015 Greg Poehler, Anjo Damiles, Sam Smith 4.60

Greg Poehler crashes the show but gets pranked by Amy; Anjo Damiles talks about his new series, Avatar; Amy introduces a new game called, "Spin until you Win"; Sam Smith performs "I'm Not the Only One".

9 9 January 22, 2015 R5, Rose Byrne, Kat Dennings 4.62

R5 performs "Heart Made Up on You"; Rose Byrne gets the scare of her life from Amy's prank; Kat Dennings joins Amy in "Don't Mess with my Spoof".

10 10 January 23, 2015 Cobie Smulders, Emily VanCamp, Jessie J 4.66

Cobie Smulders plans the perfect prank on Amy, which backfires; Emily VanCamp talks Wonder Cinematic Universe; Amy's audience plays "Under the Seat"; Jessie J performs "Masterpiece".

11 11 January 26, 2015 5SOS, Taron Egerton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead 4.59

5SOS performs "Good Girls"; Taron Egerton on his upcoming project and his reaction on Amy's prank; Mary Elizabeth Winstead on behind the scenes of The Guardians; Taron Egerton joins Amy in "Don't Mess with my Spoof".

12 12 January 27, 2015 Jessica Sanchez, Bella Thorne, Jamie Dornan 4.55

Jessica Sanchez performs "This Love"; Bella Thorne gets pranked on set; Jamie Dornan talks about his role in the Wonder Cinematic Universe; Amy introduces a new segment, "Who's that Star?".

13 13 January 28, 2015 Sean Melton, Bethany Mota, Gage Gray, Chrissy Costanza, Imagine Dragons, Chris Pratt 4.56

Star Quest's Sean Melton, Bethany Mota, Gage Gray and Chrissy Costanza talk about The Guardians and the future of Star Quest; Imagine Dragons performs "Bet My Life"; Chris Pratt on his kids; Amy plays "Dunk Tank: Celebrity Edition" with Chris Pratt.

14 14 January 29, 2015 Katie Lowes, Fifth Harmony, Mila Kunis 4.50

Katie Lowes surprises her fans and plays "What's in the Box?"; Fifth Harmony performs "Sledgehammer"; Mila Kunis talks about her favourite pranks and her upcoming film, Jupiter Ascending; A lucky audience gets a surprise from Amy.

15 15 January 30, 2015 Viola Davis, Fall Out Boy, Emma Stone 4.48

Viola Davis on Hollywood Diversity; Fall Out Boy performs "Centuries"; Emma Stone plays "Under the Seat" with Amy's audiences.

16 16 February 2, 2015 Katy Perry, Lea Michele, Dave Franco 4.69

Katy Perry talks Superbowl Halftime Performance; Lea Michele on Glee; Dave Franco talks about his brother; Amy pranks one of her writers.

17 17 February 3, 2015 Ryan Reynolds, Aaron Moon, Luke Bryan 4.73

Ryan Reynolds on his baby daughter; Aaron Moon talks about the Wonder Cinematic Universe and debuts the trailer for Marvel Man; Luke Bryan performs "I See You"; Amy reads new "Dear Starbucks".

18 18 February 4, 2015 Iggy Azalea, Lucy Hale, Gwyneth Paltrow 4.68

Iggy Azalea performs "Black Widow"; Lucy Hale talks Secret Life; Gwyneth Paltrow joins Amy in "Don't Mess with my Spoof".

19 19 February 5, 2015 Taron Egerton, AJ Michalka, Connor Paolo, DJ Qualls, Rose Byrne, David Mazouz, Sia, Vin Diesel 4.79

Amy announces the cast of an upcoming horror-suspense film, End of the Line, including Taron Egerton, AJ Michalka, Connor Paolo, DJ Qualls, Rose Byrne, and David Mazouz; Sia performs "Chandelier"; Vin Diesel on Paul Walker and Fast 7; The cast of End of the Line plays "What's in the Box?".

20 20 February 6, 2015 Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Lawrence 4.70
Kelly Clarkson performs "Heartbeat Song"; Michelle Pfeiffer talks about The Guardians premiere; Jennifer Lawrence on her photoshoot with a snake; Amy's audience plays "Under the Seat".
21 21 February 9, 2015 Andrew Garfield, Beck, Emilia Clarke 4.69

Andrew Garfield on his role and future as Spider-Man; Beck recalls his hilarious experience with Kanye West at the Grammys; Emilia Clarke talks about Marvel Man; Amy shows an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Marvel Man; Amy introduces a new segment, "My Music Video", recreating a part of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" music video.

22 22 February 10, 2015 Josh Hutcherson, Kerry Washington, Emily Kinney 4.71
Josh Hutcherson plays "Dunk Tank: Celebrity Edition"; Kerry Washington on the return of Scandal; Emily Kinney on her career after The Walking Dead; Amy plays a prank on her audience before the show.
23 23 February 11, 2015 Jamie Dornan, Rebel Wilson, Hayley Atwell 4.70
Jamie Dornan plays "Dunk Tank: Celebrity Edition"; Rebel Wilson shows her rapping skills; Hayley Atwell on Marvel's Agent Carter; Amy gives away free trip to lucky audiences.
24 24 February 12, 2015 Scarlett Johansson, Liam Hemsworth, Emily VanCamp 4.68
Scarlett Johansson on a starring role in a Fanfic Pictures film; Liam Hemsworth tries imitating his brother as Thor; Emily VanCamp crashes the show as a set tour guide; Amy shows new "News Blues"
25 25 February 13, 2015 Liam Neeson, Halle Berry, Evangeline Lily 4.71
Liam Neeson gives Amy a call, making a surprise guest appearance; Halle Berry joins Amy in another new "My Music Video", recreating Sia's "Chandelier"; Evangeline Lily on her character in The Hobbit; Amy pranks Evangeline in her dressing room before the show.
26 26 February 16, 2015 Ashley Tisdale; Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Meryl Streep 4.73
Ashley Tisdale plays "What's in the Box?" with Amy and a lucky fan; Joseph Gordon-Levitt on what he will do on his birthday; Meryl Streep talks about her role in the Wonder Cinematic Universe; An all new "Don't Mess with my Spoof" with Amy and Meryl Streep.
27 27 February 17, 2015 Miles Teller; Keira Knightley; Anne Hathaway 4.70
Miles Teller talks about Fantastic Four; Keira Knightley on her pregnancy; Anne Hathaway joins Amy in a game of "Spin until you Win".
28 28 February 18, 2015 Elizabeth Olsen, Brant Daugherty, Alexander Ludwig 4.65
Elizabeth Olsen gets a surprise from Amy for her birthday; Brant Daugherty spills funny moments on the set of The Guardians; Alexander Ludwig on the premiere of Secret Life; Brant Daugherty plays "Dunk Tank: Celebrity Edition".
29 29 February 19, 2015 Chris Pine, Kate Mara, Justin Hartley 4.68
Chris Pine plays "Forgive My Accent" with Amy; Kata Mara dishes on her next starring film; Justin Hartley does a monologue on exploration to space.
30 30 February 20, 2015 Kevin Hart, Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Aniston 4.66
Kevin Hart opens for the show; Neil Patrick Harris on the upcoming Oscars; Jennifer Aniston plays "Who's that Star" with Amy; Amy's audience plays "Under the Seat".
31 31 February 23, 2015 Idina Menzel, Lady Gaga, Dakota Johnson 4.64
Idina Menzel talks John Travolta; Lady Gaga recreates and performs the "Sound of Music" tribute; Dakota Johnson on the red carpet; Amy spoofs Neil Patrick Harris' opening number.
32 32 February 24, 2015 Naya Rivera, Vanessa Hudgens, George Clooney 4.65
Naya Rivera on her pregnancy; Vanessa Hudgens gives fans a special look on the broadway presentation, Gigi; George Clooney gives us a behind the scenes look on the filming of Prince Charming; Amy reads new "Dear Starbucks".
33 33 February 25, 2015 Charlie Weber, Patricia Arquette, Zendaya 4.62
Charlie Weber dishes on his engagement; Patricia Arquette talks about her speech in the Oscars; Zendaya joins Amy in "My Music Video".
34 34 February 26, 2015 Brandon Routh, Kristen Bell, Ashley Benson 4.62
Brandon Routh plays "What's in the Box" with Amy; Kristen Bell talks Frozen Fever; Ashley Benson joins Amy in "Don't Mess with my Spoof".
35 35 February 27, 2015 Marlon Wayans, Beyonce, Shelley Hennig 4.60
Marlon Wayans plays "Under the Seat" with the audience; Beyonce performs and gets pranked by Amy; Shelly Hennig on upcoming film, Unfriended.
36 36 March 2, 2015 Rahart Adams, Mary Mouser, Jeremy Becerra, Sarah Drew, Grace Phipps, Jayma Mays 4.58
The cast of Spy Teens, Rahart Adams, Mary Mouser, Jeremy Becerra and Sarah Drew plays "What's in the Box?" with Amy; Grace Phipps announces her involvement in a Fanfic Channel musical series; Jayma Mays on the upcoming series, Behind the Desk; Amy shows new "News Blues".
37 37 March 3, 2015 Gavin MacIntosh, Spencer Boldman, Normani Hamilton 4.59
Gavin MacIntosh talks a leading role in an upcoming Fanfic Channel series; Spencer Boldman plays "Spin till you Win" with a lucky audience; Normani Hamilton on her role in the new season of A High School Rockstar.
38 38 March 4, 2015 Jensen Ackles, Dev Patel, Sarah Hyland 4.48
Jensen Ackles on selling his home; Dev Patel dishes on Chappie; Amy delivers new "Dear Starbucks"; Sarah Hyland plays "Who's that Star?" with Amy.
39 39 March 5, 2015 Lily Collins, Luke Evans, Theo James 4.50
Lily Collins on her plans for her birthday; Luke Evans to join the cast of Beauty and the Beast; Amy pranks Theo James; Theo talks about Insurgent.
40 40 March 6, 2015 Nicholas Hoult, Reese Witherspoon, Jonathan Groff
Nicholas Hoult on Autobahn; Reese Witherspoon plays "Spin till you Win"; Jonathan Groff plays "Under the Seat" with Amy; Amy does a monologue on "The Dress".