The following is a list of Teens Dot Com episodes.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 40 February 16, 2015 April 10, 2015

Season 1: February 2015 - PresentEdit

No. in
No. in
Air Date Guest Guest Host US Viewers (millions)
1 1 February 16, 2015 Logan Lerman Kostas Garcia, Brett Virgil, Tori Vasquez 5.86

Madison Perry and Tom Phelan talks with Logan Lerman on his future career goals; Labib, Tom, Rachel, Ethan, Kostas, Tori, and Brett reacts to the trailer for Poltergeist; The cast plays "Silent Library"; Seth and Jeannie goes head to head on the "Around the Obstacle Course".

2 2 February 17, 2015 Ross Lynch Shant Goorijan, Samantha Sadoff, Erick Beckerman 4.98

Seth and Rachel talks with Ross Lynch on his upcoming feature film debut; Labib, Ethan, Jeannie, Shant, Samantha, Erick and Madison reacts the the video game, Dying Light; Tom, Labib and Rachel plays "Traps"; The cast enjoys a performance from Ross Lynch.

3 3 February 18, 2015 Liana Liberato Kostas Garcia, Erick Beckerman, Troy Glass, Tori Vasquez 4.56
Tori Vasquez and Kostas Garcia joins Liana as they go behind the scenes for the filming of Runaway Princess; The cast splits into teams of two and plays "Water Balloon Dodgeball"; Labib, Kostas, Tori, Rachel, Erick, Jeannie and Madison tries and reacts to "Project Ara" phone.
4 4 February 19, 2015 Maisie Williams Brett Virgil, Logan Charles, Samantha Sadoff, Tori Vasquez, Kostas Garcia 4.23
An all new segment, "News Report" is introduced, where the cast parodies current news; Maisie Williams, Tori and Labib delivers today's "News Report"; Kostas and Jeannie goes head to head on the "Around the Obstacle Course"; The cast plays another round of "Silent Library".
5 5 February 20, 2015 Jack Griffo Brett Virgil, Logan Charles, Samantha Sadoff, Tori Vasquez, Shant Goorijan, Troy Glass 4.12
Tom, Jeannie and Brett delivers today's "News Report"; Labib, Rachel, Seth, Jack, Troy, Logan, Samantha, Brett and Madison react to Sia's "Chandelier" Music Video; The cast spoofs ABC's Scandal; Labib and Shant goes head to head on "Guess till you Drop".
6 6 February 23, 2015 Rahart Adams Kostas Garcia, Tori Vasquez 4.10
Rahart Adams talk Spy Teens; Kostas and Rachel deliver today's "News Report"; Labib, Rachel, Seth, Tori, Rahart and Madison react to "Pranks Vs. Pranks"; The cast spoofs the Oscars 2015.
7 7 February 24, 2015 Bella Thorne Shant Goorijan, Erick Beckerman 4.13
Bella Thorne talks Avatar; Jeannie and Seth presents the daily "News Report"; Bella, Shant, Labib, Tom, Rachel, Madison, Erick and Jeannie react to the Oscars 2015; The cast plays "To Laugh, or not to Laugh".
8 8 February 25, 2015 Dylan Minette Tori Vasquez, Brett Virgil, Samantha Sadoff, Kostas Garcia 4.11
Rachel, Kostas and Dylan presents the daily "News Report"; Labib, Tom, Rachel, Jeannie, Seth, Tori, Brett, Samantha, Dylan and Kostas react to "Bad Lip Reading"; The cast plays "Silent Library".
9 9 February 26, 2015 Laura Marano Troy Glass, Shant Goorijan, Logan Charles, Samantha Sadoff, Kostas Garcia 4.14
Laura Marano talks Magical Disaster; Samantha and Tom presents the daily "News Report"; Labib, Seth, Madison, Logan, Troy, Shant, Kostas and Laura reacts to "The Dress"; The cast plays "Guess the Object".
10 10 February 27, 2015 Mary Mouser Brett Virgil 4.10
Mary Mouser talks Spy Teens; Madison and Ethan presents the daily "News Report"; Ethan, Labib, Rachel, Seth, Jeannie, Mary and Brett reacts to "Oculus Rift"; Madison goes head to head with Jeannie on a game of "Around the Obstacle".
11 11 March 2, 2015 Charlie DePew Shant Goorijan, Erick Beckerman, Kostas Garcia 4.09
Charlie DePew talks Revenge; Charlie and Rachel presents the daily "News Report"; Labib, Rachel, Madison, Ethan, Charlie, Shant, Erick and Kostas reacts to "Pop Danthology 2014"; The cast parodies "The Voice".
12 12 March 3, 2015 Calum Worthy Shant Goorijan, Erick Beckerman 4.12
Calum Worthy talks the upcoming return of A High School Rockstar; Tom and Jeannie presents the daily "News Report"; Labib, Jeannie, Seth, Madison, Rachel, Calum, Tori and Logan reacts to the "Samsung Galaxy S6"; The cast plays "To Laugh, or not to Laugh".
13 13 March 4, 2015 Lucy Hale Troy Glass 4.15
Lucy Hale talks Secret Life; Troy and Rachel presents the daily "News Report"; Labib, Ethan, Jeannie, Seth, Madison, Tom, Troy and Lucy reacts to "The Walking Dead"; The cast plays "Translate the Song".
14 14 March 5, 2015 Kathryn Bernardo Kostas Garcia 4.20
Kathryn Bernardo talks future show on Fanfic Channel; Kostas and Labib presents the daily "News Report"; Rachel, Ethan, Seth, Jeannie, Madison, Tom, Kostas and Kathryn reacts to "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer; The cast plays "To Laugh, or not to Laugh".
15 15 March 6, 2015 Cody Christian Tori Vasquez, Samantha Sadoff
Cody Christian dishes on Avatar and shows a behind-the-scenes clip on the special effects; Madison and Seth presents the daily "News Report"; Labib, Rachel, Ethan, Jeannie, Tom, Tori, Samantha and Cody plays and reacts to "Amnesia"; The cast plays "Guess the Film".

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