The following is a list of Supernatural Stakeout episodes.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 25 January 12, 2015 TBA

Season 1: January 2015 - PresentEdit

No. in
No. in
Air Date Guests US Viewers (millions)
1 1 January 12, 2015 Nolan Gerard Funk, Aaron Moon 2.23

Nolan Gerard Funk talks about his character, Dylan Hewitt. He describes Dylan as the double-agent of the cast. He is both a friend and a foe, since he think that Felicia is slowly falling for Tyson. Nolan talks about what he wants his character to be in the future. Creator Aaron Moon joins Nolan to talk about what it was like during the early stages of the episode, and how Tyson's near death scene was very emotional, even though the characters have only met. It was the beginning of their new friendship. Also, he talks about Mason's character, who at the first episode seemed to be one of the bad guys but in the end, managed to show the audiences his real intention.

2 2 January 19, 2015 Holland Roden, Nico Joshua Escober, Rider Strong 2.25

Holland Roden talks about her character, and her role as Felicia's best friend. She also describes how her bond with Joel forms from working together, and how Joel has had a crush for a long time on her character. Nico Escober talks about his involvement in the series and Star Quest. Rider Strong says he himself has not seen the face of the man in the suit, as the man is kept a secret and only selected crew knows his identity.

3 3 January 26, 2015 Taron Egerton, Melissa Benoist, Glenn McCuen, Holland Roden, Nolan Gerard Funk 2.24

Taron talks about his characters skill of hacking, and how he will develop throughout the season as Tyson's best friend. Melissa comments about the obvious connection between her and Tyson, and what it would mean for her and Dylan. Glenn McCuen talks about his guest starring and whether Tyson's brother Theo would know about his big secret. Holland and Nolan answers questions from the audience.

4 4 February 2, 2015 Gregg Sulkin, Taron Egerton, Melissa Benoist, Holland Roden, Nolan Gerard Funk, Steven R. McQueen 2.27

The whole main cast of the show guest stars in the episode of Supernatural Stakeout. Steven and Gregg discusses the new addition to their pack, and what this means for Tyson. They all share their opinions on what should happen to Shane, Jenny and Louie. Taron talks about managing his time with The Supernaturals with other big projects, as well as his similarity and difference with his character. Melissa, Holland and Nolan talks about the realism of the dead body in the locker room and how they used it to scare cast member Maria Bello.