Dylan Hewitt
Full Name Dylan Michael Hewitt
Birthdate August 12, 1993
Resides in Turendale
Occupation Student
Football Player
Status Alive
Species Human
Romance(s) Felicia Hendricks (Girlfriend)
Featured Series The Supernaturals
Season(s) 1
First Seen "Cabin in the Woods"
Portrayed By Nolan Gerard Funk

Dylan Hewitt is one of the co-captain of the football in team in North Turendale University. He is a Junior in the school.

Characteristics Edit

Dylan is the arrogant jock of the school and is considered a bad boy. He keeps his tough look and is the student that people fear and idolize at the same time. He does average in terms of his academics but he is very skilled in sports, especially in Football. He grew up in Turendale and sports is his hobby. He is very proud of all his accomplishments, including having one of the hottest girl, Felicia, in the school as his girlfriend.

He is often a control freak with all the people that surround him. He wants to be the one who gets to say the last word, which is why he went for the co-captain position in the football team. He gets very jealous easily, and does all that he can in order to end up on top. He considers being a werewolf in order to be more powerful than Tyson but his ego is what almost cost him his life. He is blinded by popularity and power. However, his persistency gives him a few characteristics of being a good leader. Since a kid, he has been close friends with Rex Serrano, but he did not know about his identity as a hunter until now. He has little knowledge about the supernatural beings and before seeing Mason as a werewolf, did not believe that they existed.

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