Austin Moon
Full Name Austin Monica Moon
Birthdate December 29, 1996
Resides in Miami, Florida, United States
Occupation Student
Parent(s) Mike Moon
Mimi Moon
Sibling(s) Aaron Jacobs (Adopted Brother)
Romance(s) Ally Dawson (Ex-Girlfriend)
Other(s) Aaron Jacobs (Cousin)
Featured Series A High School Rockstar
Season(s) 1, 2, 3
First Seen "Songwriting & School"
Portrayed By Ross Lynch

Austin Moon is an 18-year old aspiring rockstar who became an overnight sensation after "borrowing" Ally's song. He struggles to maintain his high school life and at the same time fulfill his dream of being a rockstar with the help of his friends. Austin's life becomes even more exciting with Ally being his girlfriend, his step brother joining them and new friends. He is portrayed by Ross Lynch.

About Him Edit

Austin is outgoing and super talented, and somewhat naive, but sometimes nice. He can sing, dance, and play all sorts of instruments. Austin sings the songs that Ally writes for him. He is shown to be a slight airhead. He likes stuff animals. He is in love with Ally Dawson. He asked her out in the episode Songwriting & School and got a yes from her. He can sometimes be a pain in the neck with his monkey businesses but he is sweet and caring, especially to his friends. He introduced his adopted brother Aaron Moon to them in the episode Stars & Storms. Austin has no other dream but to fulfill his dream of making it to Hollywood and being a rockstar together with his friends. He treasures his friends more than his career, as seen in Dreams & Decisions after turning down a record from Starr Records. He is very determined to reaching his dreams.

His relationship ends when they realize that it is affecting their studies and career, although Austin still has feelings for Ally. He tries hard not to show how he really feels, but he can not avoid showing how much he loves her. He also gets a shock after learning that Aaron is his cousin, an information that his parents kept from both of them. Austin's career is blowing through the roof as he attracts more record companies from signing him. However, Austin's loyalty remains with Jimmy as he appreciates the help that Jimmy has brought into his life and career.

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