Aaron Moon
Full Name Aaron Moon
Birthdate December 2, 1995
Occupation CEO, Director, Writer, Creator, Producer

Aaron Moon (screen name) is a director, writer, creator, producer, CEO of The Fanfic Company and former President of Fanfic Channel. Aaron is known for being the head of The Fanfic Company, as well as its subsidiary, Wonder Entertainment (as well as Wonder Studios).

History Edit

Aaron Moon established The Fanfic Company late 2011, when Fanfic Channel was being formed. He was then the President of Fanfic Channel until recently, when he stepped down and gave Axel Torres the position.

Career Edit

A High School Rockstar Edit

Aaron Moon created the first Fanfic Series, A High School Rockstar based off the series, Austin & Ally. This was the start of Aaron's career as director and writer. He also executive produced the series from the first season to its current season. The series became a hit series later on.

Fanfic Channel Edit

Aaron Moon has created a number of series for Fanfic Channel for 2015, as well as films. He has also produced a talent management program called Star Quest.

Wonder Studios Edit

Aaron Moon has created a whole cinematic universe from original superheroes that he has created. The universe will premiere in February 2015 with The Guardians.

Filmography Edit